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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning, right now most of the delaware valley is under a winter storm warning. you're taking live look 6 is in the blue route -- mobile 6 is in the plymouth meeting area, we've got snow. >> public schools are closed, philadelphia archdiocesan schools are closed along with more than 500 others. we're running a list of the closures on tv and >> we've got team coverage of the winter storm for you our reporter fanned out across the region with a look at what the conditions are out there as the
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snow comes? >> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., february 9. >> our team coverage continues with david murphy and karen rogers, matt pellman has an eye on the roads. 6abc tweeted out warm winter drinks a good day to try some of them. >> reporter: a hot toddy. we have snow in and around philadelphia up towards trenton and definitely back in the northern and western suburbs this line when we first went on the air 4:00 a.m. started north of reading as expected it crushed into philadelphia with temperatures dropping it won't be too much longer before the sidewalks and side streets and secondary roads in philadelphia get covered. pay attention to how there are shades of lavender here and there, these are heavier snow bands bringing snow down as much asen i do an hour or maybe more than that.
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as the heavy roads pounds in, it makes it's harder for the secondary roads and side streets. we have rain, but effect the snow line to make it to the coast. a line of thunderstorms moving off the coast how rare is it for snow coming in from the northwest and thunderstorms down by the jersey shore that's what you got this morning with this crazy weather pattern. a live look on storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're continuing to see the tail end of snow break a part east of pittsburgh and the bulk of it halfway across pennsylvania. we expect the snow to move out of here karen rogers will he show you that in a second. the temperatures are dropping, we were at 40, 45, 50 minutes ago, we're below freezing allentown and reading. still in the 40s in south
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jersey but not too much longer. the temperatures are on the way down. periods of heavy snow between 9:00 a.m. an 10:00 a.m. in these areas. it's an advisory down south where the snow is not as bad. a wind advisory kicks in at noon to 6:00 p.m. we have a problem with winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour and giving us severe windchills later. >> reporter: they are gusting at 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. you're really feeling it out here right now. i can't express snuff the dramatic change in temperatures. its 23 degrees colder than it was yesterday. we have if you havey snow coming down. if you widen out within the past half-hour we've watch it stick we have a coating already. let's take a look at the windchill. 24 degrees hard to believe.
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it was 66 yesterday in philadelphia. now we have a windchill in just the low 20s. i want to show you future tracker 6. at 7:00 a.m. we watched the snow line push to the south. it will be an icy mix in millville. advance this to 9:00 a.m. snow is blanketing the entire region. it will accumulate, but it's quickly moving out. we watch this at 11:00 a.m., it's gone in philadelphia and pushing off the coastline. here's what to expect as the day progresses 7:00 a.m. it's snowing, it's cold, it will be below freezing, but feel worst than that. lunchtime, 32. you're dry and getting sun in the afternoon it's blustery and cold, high of 33. the windchills out here are just going to be in the teens and tomorrow morning when you wake up, in the single digits, just a dramatic change. matt and tam when i left my house in south jersey overnight it was nearly 50 degrees, i don't have enough layers on, i'm shivering i'm going to run back
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in and get warmer. >> i wore shorts yesterday. >> reporter: we told you not to do that. >> that was for other reasons we won't get into it. matt pellman are people taking off matt. >> reporter: i know people are excited about this snow, we are seeing it in king of prussia along the schuylkill expressway by 202 in fact, it's really falling coming down side ways, you can see in the overhead lights it's starting to stick to the roads road conditions in king of prussia are slushy at the moment. on another chunk of 76, the turnpike we had a crash in the morgantown that jammed us up. the crash is gone, 45 miles per hour the max on the turnpike and all the major highways if you're even going that fast. berks county, 5 miles per hour. traffic is getting by on the eastbound side near linersville it's very slow with the earlier accident in that location.
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franconia township, a crash along harleysville park. one in lower providence germantown pike, by vincent's auto repairs. vince we need you a crash on germantown pike. 42 in south jersey, in this spot it's wet. we're seeing a decent amount of volume northbound on 295 and the walt whitman bridge not jammed just yet. down in cumberland county a nasty crash one trapped in the wreckage near marlboro road at columbia highway. that's a good spot to avoid. we have a lot of spots to avoid 0 th thursday morning. >> bob brooks won the prize for being the first reporter to spot snow. he is live cedar crest boulevard and tillman street in allentown. what's going on bob? >> reporter: good morning, matt, i did win the award allentown it's been snow since we first got here.
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it's been snow around quake town the rain change over to snow. this is the result, we have a significant snowstorm going on, visibility is low it's coming down very fast, it is covering trees and light poles and the road. just to gauge how quickly it's falling i've been showing this all morning i placed the "action news" measuring stick on the ground just before 4:00 a.m., it was at 2 inches now we're over 5 inches that's 3 inches this morning. actually my last half-hour where we went live, it had just passed over 4 inches. within a half-hour we've seen an inch fall up here, that's how fast it's coming down here. tillman street it's covered. we've had plow construction going by none stop all morning when it's coming down this fast, it's cold out, this is that heavy, wet thick snow. i spoke to an ma -- a man who
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grew up in the great lakes region. he said the snow is deceptively wet. people are taking their time, that's a good thing because we saw a car spin out doing a 360. be careful on the roads. >> your friend is right, looks like lake-effect snow out there. let's look at mobile 6 traveling throughout the region showing us different areas and what they are seeing, we're going southbound on the blue route in montgomery. a little bit of traffic out there, looks like we have plow -- that's the snowplow. >> very good identifying the vehicles out there. >> just trying to help you out there, matt. i'm noticing a snowplow. now i'm noticing annie mccormick live in manayunk, no
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problem, with snow, rain a problem. >> reporter: i can tell you this has been progressive this morning, we got out here after 3:00 a.m. it was heavy rain and then it moved to sleet now we're getting beautiful snow not the snow bob brooks is describing in allentown. it's light type of snow when it's falling and hitting the streets it's turning to water. the cars are lined up on the hilly roads in manayunk. the accumulation that has happened probably a half inch to an inch. whenwhen you get out here you'll have to leave time to clear off your cars. sphors -- as for the roads it is wet and slick. it's not an icy situation. you have to take your time, but we're not seeing any icing. the snow that's falling just turned to this, probably 15 minutes ago. when you're driving you'll have visibility issues, not too bad
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i'm pumped for the snow. live in manayunk, back to you. >> i had a friend she said she was express depressed there was not enough snow i hope she is happy. this is cherry hill, off route 70. as you look at the lights there's a changeover. nj dot will have plenty of trucks to clear the streets. there's air travel, there will be a mess today a lot of people doing business trips give them the weekend fast approaching. we might have a bit of a plow train going on live philadelphia international airport. indeed. they are trying to clear off the runways already. airport might be in the area where there's a changeover from rain to snow. the airport is reading. if you have a flight call 1-800-phl-gate. we have a lot of cancellations 104 just at phl alone.
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6:10. look at this, we're almost up to 700 school closures and delays, take a look at the bottom of the screen. check out >> counting sheep in a way. >> it's a lot of fun. >> live picture before we go to the break collegeville, montgomery county. look at all the slush on the road. as we've been saying when it starts snowing it accumulates very quickly. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back pretty as a postcard. the action cam arrived in phoenixville chester county, this is bridge street and gay street. you can see the snow coming down at a faster rate. there's wind blowing it at an angle there. it's nice that people are staying in, they are not heading out unless they have to. we see a car in the distance making its way down the roadway. it's gorgeous. >> yeah it is. this is just in, the media courthouse delaware county, closed today. >> reporter: we are getting some reports from the weather service within the last 30 minutes or so chester county, bucks county getting an inch, more than that up north where it's been snowing
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for a couple of hours. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you the snow is getting closer to philadelphia, parts of the city is seeing the changeover. northern and western suburbs have had it for a while allentown, all morning. phoenixville closer to philadelphia are starting to see the snow coverage. i'll take a closer look at this in a second. for now let's step outside, we have mobile 6, we are continuing our treck up the jersey turnpike. we are following salt truck there, we have been pointing out, on the shoulder of the road looks like the shoulders are picking up some of the snow. where they are getting out there and treating you're doing well on the main road up north from the way things look. storm tracker 6 live double scan we are showing you that snow has pushed into philadelphia, a good portion of the city itself seeing either all snow or sleet with a quick
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changeover, most of south jersey you're in the rain. this line has been moving down over the last couple of hours from allentown to philadelphia. in the next couple of hours we'll see it pushing closer to the shore. for now, we have thunderstorms exiting the coast. it's weird we have snow to the north and thunderstorms along the coast in this strange weather pattern. we're down to 34 degrees in philadelphia. the snow will start to adhere to the surface especially as the heavier bands come in. that's what we've seen up north that will happen in philadelphia, as well. wind out of the north/northeast at 17 miles per hour. it is windy and uncomfortable. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 7:00 a.m. we'll see the snow line and the wet snow and sleet line push at what millville and atlantic city. philadelphia, in the snow, allentown looking at the snow.
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darker shades of purple showing you the heavier snow band. 9:00 the heavier snow starts to shift to the east, this is the change in the forecast. it looks like the snow is probably going to end a little bit quicker, as soon as 10:00 a.m. you're down to snow showers in allentown and reading that will not add all that much accumulation. noon philadelphia we'll have brighten skies to the west. 2:00 p.m., the snow is pushing east of trenton. we're looking at a quick exit from this. with heavy banding in the snow, we have a good shot of 4 to 8 inches. philadelphia and wilmington 4 to 8, being on the lower end of that probably closer to 5 in wilmington maybe 4 would be the idea. in the northern bucks and allentown, the better chance you have of the 8. farther north and west you go you have 8 to 12.
6:18 am
down south, 2 to 4 and coating to two inches down by the shore. the areas picking up the most snow allentown easton, quakertown and lee heighten. as for philadelphia, the latest model indication and these have been adjusting one model gfs has us at 4 in philadelphia. i think 5 looks good. 7.5 on the rpm that's probably a little high. in allentown the numbers are higher since it's been all snow up there. lehigh valley 6.2 inches before we are done. keep in mind this is heavy wet snow, if you do wind up with a lot on the sidewalk, it will be tougher to shovel. it could be hard on the heart they call this heart attack snow especially in the northern
6:19 am
suburbs, it's hard on the heart and hard on the backs stretch before you start. melting today and refreeze tonight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we have snow wrapping up this morning be careful on roads at 10, 11:00 a.m. the snow could pile up and take the plows a while to clear it out. it's a cold and windy day 31 degrees windchills in the teens. tomorrow windchills in the single digits at dawn. 32 is the high in the afternoon. it will be cold and uncomfortable. 47 degrees on saturday afternoon. we'll start to melt that snow and not a lot of itself on sunday if there's any left. 55 with periods of rain. back to the 40s on valentine's day. >> let's go over to matt pellman. we've seen lighter volume for people who have to get out there. we see sleet and snow and rain. >> reporter: at least it's national pizza day. we have that going for us on this thursday, good morning matt an tam.
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these weather conditions are leading to slushy roads and snowy roads ways, and leading to accidents. flourtown an accident on the southbound side. salford township along allentown road. franconia township lower road there's another accident scene most of them minor in nature. you have to drop the speeds or you'll slip slide and lose control. there's loss of visibility in east falls indicating it's snowing in east falls slushy conditions along the boulevard extension. visibilities have dropped in center city. snowing along the vine street expressway. the traffic is moving but the snow is coming down in center
6:21 am
city philadelphia. looking live in camden, looks like rain at the ben franklin bridge. the bridge is wet but speed restrictions are up on many of the area crossings because of the weather. in moorestown, new jersey, route 38 at nixon drive. it's wet at the moment. wet in vineland, but there's a crash along 55 insure by north you can squeeze by, but a lot of accidents on this thursday morning. let's go over to katherine scott, she is live in collegeville montgomery county, where it's gone from rain to significant snow good morning. she is on route 29. , go to good morning tam, that's right it's been snowing for the a little while. what we noticed, in the last hour the winds has picked up. the snow is causing visibility issues when you're on the roadways. if you look at route 29 in collegeville, you can see it's snow covered. the traffic coming by seems to be moving along okay, but again the surface is covered you want
6:22 am
to use caution. we've seen a number of plows out and salt trucks, penndot started salting their roads as soon as it started snow. they did not pretreat because the storm started with rain and it would wash it away. this is a wet heavy snow, it can be heavy on leaves and branches and weigh them down and snap them. there's swirling snow that could create visibility issues. montgomery county courts and government offices are closed today due to the weather. you might be able to stay home on the couch if you can it's a wet, heavy snow it's a good snowball and snowmen material. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much katherine. mobile 6 on the schuylkill expressway the changeover has occurred in this region, as well. past conshohocken heading into the city of philadelphia.
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>> welcome back we got a sky6 live hd eye in the sky looking live towards camden. you can see a little bit of haze there, you know what that is? that is snow. we want to remind you city offices and the municipal court are closed today. only essential personnel are told to return to work. displrmts -- goats owe over to -- let's go over to matt pellman. and karen rogers is outside. >> reporter: i want to show you a close up view of storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the snow line pushing through philadelphia and we have a wintry mix starting south of that. still raining in south jersey and delaware. but all that going to change. how about the temperature change it been dramatic, 34 degrees his in philadelphia. 30 in reading still 42 in
6:26 am
millville. 46 in cape may. look at this wide range of temperatures. these temperatures are dropping, the winds are picking up, we've got a 33-mile an hour wind gust in philadelphia. visibility is an issue where it's snowing heavily like allentown, just a half mile visibility. here's what to expect, snow is heavy at times through the morning, the afternoon is dry winds gust up to 40 miles per hour. feels like the teens. this evening the slush refreezes, windchills in the single digits. it will be bitter told tomorrow, matt pellman you know what that means for the roads tomorrow. >> reporter: we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound in university city cleared out quickly. so westbound traffic is moving, but the snow is moving around, too. you can see it falling in the overhead lights. snow coming down in university city. on the the mass transit front
6:27 am
we're actually on a normal weekday schedule on the market frankford line, unlike the other mornings normal schedule as they anticipate lighter than normal rider ship. media/elwyn line a couple of cars short. patco on the snow schedule. we're on a website commonwealth of pennsylvania, it shows you where all the snowplows are in real time. i clicked the plow trucks there. look at all these people, this is the schuylkill expressway right here, you can see in real time when they will arrive in your neighborhoods and start doing plowing. you can click on the plow trucks individually, it will tell you which direction it is going that one is on the schuylkill expressway one on 202 heading westbound, plowing snow right
6:28 am
there, is where -- h h -- let's g over to mobile 6 going down the schuylkill expressway eastbound is coming of crse, w youullyred with the live repor accuweather and traffic, we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> now on "action news," the winter storm has arrived. the action cam is live across the region in phoenixville, chester county. when the snow arrives you will see it accumulates fast. that means 700 cho or -- 700 schools are delayed or closed. the full list is running across the bottom of the screen or 6a reporters is fanned out across the delaware and the lehigh valleys to give
6:31 am
conditions. >> good morning 6:30 a.m. february 9. >> let's talk to some of the friends of ours. david murphy has weather. >> reporter: i love the shot, it is snowing with all three of our reporters. the snow has progressed into philadelphia. we've seen the changeover in the city. it's been snowing for several hours in allentown. at times you see the purple shade in allentown and reading and a lot of it closer to philadelphia. this is an indication of heavy banding snow. we have had snow come down an inch an hour clip. we have it putting coverage on roads, especially the side streets and secondaries, some of the rain roads with the salt and increased traffic and friction from the tires is making things better. we're seeing the snow cross over the i-95 corridor at this point. still raining down south. i will point out there are
6:32 am
thunderstorms down by atlantic city and surf city, very rare when you have a radar image with the snow crashing in north and west and snow down the shore it's a crazy weather pattern that continues to evolved toward the accuweather schedule. pittsburgh seeing just about everything off the map now the back end of this is halfway across pennsylvania. looks like it will clear out and move through faster than yesterday's indicator. the heavier stuff done by 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. in philadelphia. karen rogers will have the latest on future tracker 6 in a second. those runs change in the morning, stay tuned for updates i think she'll have a new one pretty quick. 33 degrees in philadelphia. we were at 42 a few hours ago. still in the 40s down south where we have the rain, even here we expect the numbers to drop over the next couple of hours. there's a winter storm warning in effect the same as yesterday.
6:33 am
all counties on either side of the delaware river up to the poconos heavy snow this morning this will later drop later this morning and this afternoon as the snow pushes out of here. down south it's an advisory, snow is not as bad down there but drive cautiously when you get the changeover. noon to 6:00 p.m. temperatures in the freezing mark and windchills in the teens. outside of the advisory area we expect it to be blustery and cold. all right karen you're out there in the singing temperatures how is the snow going to evolve. >> reporter: the my hat is covered with snow, the changeover, you can get a sense of what's going on with the snow starting to accumulate a little bit you've got enough to
6:34 am
make a snowball, i made you a heart because it's almost valentine's day it's hard to see. snow is coming down steadily. let's talk about the conditions, david talked about the wind advisory, we have a 31-mile anhour wind gust in philadelphia. it makes it feel like 22 degrees in philadelphia. we were at 66 for the high yesterday. a huge change. let's show you latest with future tracker 6. we watched the snow line continue to push to the south. 7:00 it's along the i-95 corridor and in south jersey, changing over to an icy mix in lakehurst and millville and dover. watch quickly this moves out. 10:00 a.m. it will be out of philadelphia. 7:00 a.m., snow falling
6:35 am
egrees lun sitting at the freezing mark. 3:00 p.m., 32 degrees the high today, 33. it will feel like the teens this afternoon, so it's a dramatic change in temperatures. the snow is still coming down out here, matt and tam so warmup before you head out, you will be snow covered pretty quick. >> good advice. >> speaking of heading you let let's go over to matt pellman what it's like, if you have to say, 6 5:00 a.m. i have to go to work. >> reporter: the goose for you you won't have -- good news for you, you won't have heavy volume out there. the movement of the tire and the wheels keeps us seeing blacktop along 422 eastbound it's a slushy scene on the secondary roads by the dump you can see that road is snow covered because not a lot of vehicles are traveling on it. we're watching a bunch of accidents in montgomery county, bucks county b up --
6:36 am
looking live at the big picture you can see across the big picture we've switched into frozen precipitation these are mainly in the 30s on the schuylkill expressway and i-95. let's take a look atinhe county, falls bridge we can see a little bit of blacktop. if you're using the scutter falls instead of turnpike connector bridge, go ahead it's a slippery ride. the ben franklin bridge from camden we looked half-hour ago it was raining not any more snow is coming down as you cross our good buddy ben. >> let's talk to our reporter out there, katherine scott is outside in montgomeryville
6:37 am
bracing for the side ways snow. >> reporter: it's wet heavy snow it packs really easily, it's good for snowballs andl horseplay later. as for getting around in it, that could problematic. the transition was fast this morning, 4:00 a.m., we were seeing rain, 5:00 a.m., it was snow. and then it started to accumulate quickly. you can see the road on route 29 is snow covered of there's quite a few vehicles coming through here, we have seen equipment come through spreading salsome of the side streets and back streets. you might see a little bit more coverage. penndot crews started salting as soon as the snow began. they couldn't brine in the storm because of the rain would have washed it away. remember to proceed slowly and leave extra distance between you
6:38 am
and other drivers. visibility to be an issue it's windy, slow down as you head out the door this morning stay safe. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> one place you want to stay safe if you choose to get on the highway, this is eastbound past girard you're seeing a mix of rain and snow. you can see blacktop there, of course they were brining and getting everything ready. let's go to a place where we've seen heavy snow since 4:00 a.m. that's over to bob brooks live at tillman street and cedar crest boulevard in allentown. i expect to see a snowman from you at some point bob. >> reporter: tam, good morning i will make you one, i will make you one after this report. i want to say it seems like we're hitting a lull period it's not coming down as hard as it was.
6:39 am
it's still steady, but not as bad a half-hour ago. this is tillman, we have commuters on the roads everybody is taking it slow, it's good news because the roads are wet. i want to show everyone, the guage that we have set up, the "action news" measuring stick i showed you all morning. we starting pointed at 2-inch at 4:00 a.m., we're almost at 6 inches in in 2 1/2 hours almost 4 inches of snow, that's how quickly it's been falling. tillman street covered for the most part, plow going through all morning, but as quick as they plow it off it's been snowing so fast it's being conferred covered up. >> i want to school off the great lakes i'm used to snow, it has a different feel to it. you got to get a feel for all the slick spots because i have problems getting up hills myself and i am used to snow.
6:40 am
>> reporter: back out live, this is great snow as we've heard for packing it is very wet snow, making a snowman for you, right now, tam. how big do you want it to be you let me know. >> a little one is okay, bob we know you have a job to do. >> bob you have 25 minutes you and photographer make a snow man as bigs awe want it and we'll check it out, all right? >> sounds good, thank you bob the action cam is live in new jersey, which is one of the last areas that's seeing this changeover but we're seeing it happen in cherry hill, new jersey. not much has accumulated out there in the grass also on the pavement. >> as we mentioned several times once it does changeover, you do see the snow accumulating quickly, but right now not making much on the the blacktop, be wary because the snow
6:41 am
accumulates very quickly. 6:41 a.m., as you've seen the changeover to snow it's happening for most of the region. >> phoenixville chester county. they have a lot of accumulation right now, we'll be right back.
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> welcome back you can see that the snow is accumulating at philadelphia international airport. you see it live on sky6 live hd. taking a look at flight aware one if the flights are
6:44 am
canceled. boston 60% of what's going in and coming out has been canceled. it's worse to our north. again, you want to call 1-800-phl-gate or go to flight tracker. >> you mentioned that the jersey shore is seeing thunderstorms? >> reporter: isn't that weird. thunderstorms are pushing off the coast at this point. that's happening and we have snow in philadelphia and cherry hills. big cued -- coo -- kudos on facebook and twitter updating me. it's important in situation like this to know how testers are dropping. in philadelphia -- temperatures are dropping. in philadelphia we're closer to the freezing mark. we have snow mixing in in areas east and south of philadelphia. i want to go up in allentown that's where it's snowing the longest. we have decent amount of snow coming down, although bob brooks
6:45 am
our reporter on the ground has been telling us the snow is easing up a little bit. let's take a look at what's happening on radar and see if we can't see maybe things are getting better up there. now we have snow in philadelphia pushing across into south jersey mixing with sleet at times. this is the snow line pushing past the jersey turnpike or close to it. up to the north we have snow falling in places like allentown all morning long. as you look at radar i purple areas indicating the heavier him bands of snow, as bob reported a moment ago the snow appears to be deintensifying a little bit. it's accumulating up there and a several hours there's a break going on there and the heavier banding of snow pushing away from allentown. we have that in kutztown, green lane and northern montgomery county and berks county and in through areas close to philadelphia. that's heavy pounding snow it's
6:46 am
piling up on roads and we're starting to get decent accumulation. you see the snow line in philadelphia, the area of blue is mostly snow, maybe heavier wet snow than what we've got to the north and sleet mixing in. obviously we're in the winter zone here and we're seeing coverage on area roads in and around philadelphia, as well. conditions are deteriorating according to what it was looking like was happening on it is models. heavier rain along the ac expressway there's pounding rain on the roads. this heavier band is moving toward the east. the thunderstorms are getting off the coast. crazy weather pounding snow and thunderstorms and heavy reign at this hour. 31 degrees in reading and allentown. 33 in philadelphia. that means some areas in wilmington and philadelphia
6:47 am
dipped below the freezing mark especially where the snow is pounding down the heaviest. now we're in the upper 30s in millville. the colder air progressing from north to south is changing things. we'll see the wet snow, sleet line and snow line push to the shore. by 8:00 a.m. it's coming down into millville. philadelphia looking at heavy snow highlighted in darker shades of purpose. finally we get to 10:00 a.m., this is the change in the forecast. the worst of the snow may end on the early side maybe we get a break earlier. looking good snow wise by 10:00 philadelphia to the east and down south. we get up to 11:00 or 12 there's the possibility we are drying out in philadelphia. the northern and western suburbs may see the sky brighten a little bit. 2:00 p.m., snow is pushing east of trenton. we'll go with minimal snow down
6:48 am
south there can be a 2 to 4-inch band in millville to with him. philadelphia to allentown, 4 to 8 band. philadelphia on the low end. allentown on the high end. we have a large area up north it could go 8 to 12 inches. the better chance of the 12 you move north anest -- north and east of the region. we're going with 5 inches, one wants to hold us to 4. and 7 1/2 on the rpm. snow and windy and chilly, 38 degrees. down the shore 36 degrees, windy and cold. philadelphia 33 degrees arc snowy start drier afternoon gusts up to 40 miles per hour. the worst winds from philadelphia to the shore where there is a wind advisory today. this is heavy wet snow as the
6:49 am
reporters in the field has been telling us when you go to shovel it it's harder to shovel it's what we call heart attack snow, take it easy out there when you're shoveling today. 33 degrees today, more or less where we'll be through the afternoon. below freezing where the snow is coming down. windchills in the teens friday sun in the morning windchills in the single digits tomorrow morning. windchills in the teens in the afternoon again with a high of 32. melting snow on saturday high of 47. melting probably the rest of the of it on sunday, 55 an rain back to the 40s starting tuesday, valentine's day. >> who needs rollercoasters we have the weather. let's go over to matt pellman with traffic. >> reporter: it's game time for the dot crews out there treating the roads. 30 bypass, you see most of it, the snow is piling up on the
6:50 am
grassy surface the roadway is passable 322 heading toward downingtown. there's been a bunch of suburban accidents willow grove park road. you can see the cut off the boulevard northeast philadelphia. it's frozen on the west side, pretty much wet on the east side of the boulevard. looking live on the big picture speeds are 30 on the highways including i-95 and the schuylkill expressway. looking live at university city, it is snowing but the road at this point is wet. westbound volume is definitely lighter than it would normally be. down in odessa, the camera doesn't want to load. in vineland there's a crash 35 a northbound near north vineland. and new one ac expressway eastbound where it is raining heavily near hammonton. >> we're getting pictures from folks and we like to continue to see those.
6:51 am
annie mccormick is live in manayunk where she is counting snowflakes out there. how you doing annie? >> reporter: matt i want to give you an idea of the type of snow we're seeing in manayunk. we have a thick layer of sleet you have to be careful when you're walking through even though it's packable. i want to show you the roads manayunkin' i couldn't -- manayunk is notorious for the hills, you have to go down slowly and cautiously you'll need time to wipe down your car so far. live in manayunk, back to you. >> join the action with pictures and videos on social media. some of you have sent my gorgeous pictures that i have retreated use the #6abc action.
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6:54 am
>> welcome back we're taker ago live look, phoenixville bridge street and gay street. we have to show coming down, it's accumulating there especially on the sidewalk. >> matt pellman is joining us along with karen rogers starting
6:55 am
a snowball fight. >> reporter: i've been trash talking matt o'donnell. if you pan down a little bit i started to make my snowball. you don't want to see it. there it is, it is pretty large better watch out matt o'donnell i'm coming at you. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see how the snow has overspread philadelphia and moving into parts of burlington county and gloucester county right now. we've got the rain that's down to the south. that will change over to the snow, as well. how about the temperature that's 33 degrees, we have a windy gust of 41 miles per hour even in the gusty wind imanaged to make snowball. the visibility because of the snow coming down less than a mile right now, matt pellman that doesn't make it great to drive in. >> reporter: for sure, it's definitely not ideal driving conditions. south philadelphia, i-95 getting reports of a crash around the
6:56 am
walt whitman bridge also one on the bridge itself as you head into new jersey most of us them are minor but there's a a bunch of of out there this morning. belmawr, starting the get slushy an accident 676. route 35 through the hills of manayunk is suspended. 29 minute delay on the trenton line train. >> one more round robin of looks from our action cam pictures. >> that's a live like at manayunk section of philadelphia. >> this is allentown they've had a lot of snow coming down. they had quite a bit of accumulation. >> cherry hill, new jersey, starting to see accumulations on the sidewalks. we'll be back this morning with extended cut-ins we'll keep you going this morning through the snow.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning america. winter whiteout. the biggest snowstorm of the season hitting the northeast right now. 50 million americans bracing for up to a foot of snow. and blizzard conditions already sparking dangerous commutes. >> watch out, watch out. >> thousands of flights
7:00 am
canceled. schools closed in major cities. the snow coming down up to four inches an hour. demoralizing and disheartening. unprecedented comments from president trump's supreme court nominee criticizing the president's harsh words about judges. >> courts seem to be so political. >> as trump lashing out at nordstrom for dropping ivanka's fashion line. will this start a chain reaction? and basket-brawl. charles oakley accused of heckling the knicks owner


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